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Aerial Photo Maps of the Shaker Swamp

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Contour lines delineate the Shaker Swamp in New Lebanon, NY, at the base of Mount Lebanon. Comparison of the 1942 and 2011 aerial photographs shows the landscape changes since the Shakers managed the land, and is part of the research into on the wetland significance of the Swamp.


New Lebanon Habitat Survey (2010)

by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Hudson River Estuary Program, Biodiversity Outreach
for Town of New Lebanon Planning Board

Summary was completed upon request to provide information for the Town of New Lebanon for use in land use planning and decision-making.

Describes major natural features, important habitats of the Town of New Lebanon, known significant birds, reptiles and amphibians of the Town of New Lebanon - with maps and species lists.

Included are general conservation measures for protecting natural areas and wildlife, links to biodiversity databases and further research.


Mt. Lebanon Shaker Society
Shaker Museum & Library Survey Map

by Clark Engineering & Surveying, P. C.
Map includes Historic Shaker District and Shaker Swamp

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The mission of the Shaker Swamp Conservancy is to preserve the Shaker Swamp as a unique and defining asset of the Lebanon Valley, to promote understanding of this natural resource and its human heritage, and to create related opportunities for public access, education, and recreation. 


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