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The Shaker Swamp
...connecting New Lebanon's Past to its Future

The Shaker Swamp Conservancy is bringing to light the ecological and historical significance of the 495-acre Shaker Swamp, a natural wild tract of land in the center of the Town of New Lebanon, NY.

Fed by the famous Warm Springs known to the Natives, the Swamp supports indigenous plants that were gathered by the Mount Lebanon Shakers, the leading Shaker community in America in the 1800s, for use in their herbal medicinals business.

The SSC is taking the lead in New Lebanon's efforts to discover how knowledge about medicinal botanicals was transmitted from the Native Americans to the Shaker Society and then to the Tilden Company. The Tilden Company, the first pharmaceutical company in the US, built its factory adjacent to the Shaker Swamp.

The Shaker Swamp Conservancy seeks proposals to prepare a feasibility study for a recreational and educational trail to access the Shaker Swamp in the town of New Lebanon, New York.

Ted Timreck's film "Medicinal Wetlands" explores the importance of the Shaker Swamp as a defining asset of the Lebanon Valley, and as part of the unfolding story of modern medicine in America. Read more about how the project evolved. About »
Fed by thermal springs known to the Natives, the Swamp supports a treasure trove of wild medicinal plants. The Mount Lebanon Shakers documented the sharing of these healing herbs with the Natives. Local history and preservation efforts are the focus of recent Articles »
Ted Timreck's newest film, "Stone Ruins of New Lebanon" offers an intriguing look at local stone artifacts that may have been a Native American ceremonial site in New Lebanon. Explorations of the Shaker Swamp are available on DVDs »
Indigenous plants used by Native Americans, the Shakers, and Tilden Co. grow in the Shaker Swamp. Above Claudia and Conrad Vispo of the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program lead a Shaker Swamp walk to indentify native medicinal plants. See Events »
Rare and uncommon plant and animal species of conservational interest occur in the Swamp's varied habitats. For photos, species lists, comparative medicinal herb charts, and maps of ecological interest, see the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program Ecology Report »
The Shaker Swamp Conservancy is working towards the preservation of the Shaker Swamp, possibilites for public access, education, and opportunities for ecological and cultural appreciation. Share our visions for the future... Stewardship »
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The mission of the Shaker Swamp Conservancy is to preserve the Shaker Swamp as a unique and defining asset of the Lebanon Valley, to promote understanding of this natural resource and its human heritage, and to create related opportunities for public access, education, and recreation. 


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Photo Credits: Claudia & Condrad Vispo, and Karen Ross

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